Guardian Solid Roof Replacement

A conservatory is a great investment, and should be enjoyed all year round. A Guardian Roof Conversion can give you an extension to your living space that you can use any time of year, giving your home better heat retention and improved looks.

The Celuplast Guardian Roof is the only solid replacement conservatory roof solution that is both LABC type approved and gives a guaranteed U-Value of lower than 0.18.

Aesthetically superior to rival solutions, the Guardian Solid Roof is unobtrusive and streamlined. There is no need to resort to portal frames, brick columns or concrete pillars.
Also, it's lightweight facets mean you have more choice when it comes to selecting windows and doors. 

You can choose from contemporary or traditional finishes internally – plaster, timber or PVCu cladding, and with a solid roof you'll have a whole host of additional styling possibilities such as concealed lighting…

In the photographs below, you can see how we’ve used the Guardian Roof Conversion to blend the existing conservatory seamlessly into the main building.
This turns it into a true home extension.

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